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We’re celebrating craft brews with SF Beer Week


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Pils: Trumer Brauerei
Ale: Shmaltz He’brew Origin Pomegranate Ale
Amber: Shmaltz Coney Island Lager
IPA: Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye
Dark: Bison Chocolate Stout

Paired with the following specials Monday Feb 13 – Thursday Feb 16:
Crispy Fried Kreplach filled with potato or egg. With zhoug & harissa
Beef In a Pot with Kreplach

Meet the Brewmaster events:

Wednesday Feb 15
Trumer Pilsner
Ryan Hirscht

Chat with brewmaster Ryan Hirscht about the uniquely traditional methods of Trumer Brauerei over a tall glass. Ryan is bringing their distinctive pilsner glasses optimized for appreciative beer palates to be given away!


Thursday Feb 16
Shmaltz Brewing Co
Chat with brewery representative Zak Davis over a tall glass. Try Shmaltz Brewing’s beautiful Origin, a Pomegranate Ale. And the Coney Island Lager.



Hanukkah at Saul’s 2011


Latke truck party outside


Friday December 23 – Monday December 26
Latkes with applesauce and sour cream
Kogel Mogel (egg nog)
Hot Apple Cider

Take home Latkes & Sufganiyot ORDER FORM

Wednesday December 2o – Wednesday December 28

Klezmer live jam December 25 11am-2pm

Mix of members of different bands – Zoyres Eastern European Wild Ferment, Inspector Gadje, Kugelplex, Red Hot Chachkas and more. The name “Zoyres” derives from the Yiddish term for fermented vegetables, “zoyers.”

Break – Fast Dinner (Take out closed) Seating 7:30pm Saturday October 8 2011

Reservations strongly recommended $20 per person for full menu $12 under age kids A la carte, as well

Turban Challah and Seltzer Water Autumn Heirloom Tomato Salad with barley & greens Gefilte fish with horseradish and Jerusalem salsa Chopped Liver or Mock Chopped Liver Chopped Herring Salad with apple and egg Beauty’s Bagel Toasts Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Chicken in a Pot or Hot Borscht (vegetarian)

Choose one Blintz with fruit sauce or Pudding or Honey Cake Tea and Coffee

Spice of Life Festival is Saturday Sept 17
11am – 7pm

We’re hosting craft breweries in our outdoor beer garden. Join us. Beers on tap:

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Sierra Nevada Torpedo
Sierra Nevada Tumbler
Mendocino Eye of the Hawk
Mendocino Seasonal Blonde
Sudwerk Seasonal Marzen
Black Diamond Seasonal Saison
Bison Belgian Dubbel

Brewers themselves will be on hand for beer analysis!

Beer geeks and lovers: Just in case you didn’t already know, we now have SIX microbrews on tap in the restaurant.

Come try our house rubbed, brined, smoked pastrami.

Live music, hands-on art projects, parklets, wine tasting, artisanal street food and more!

Peter Levitt, Saul’s Executive Chef will be on the Chef Stage at 4:45pm, demoing our heretofore secret pastrami process. For more details, visit

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Deli Summit: The Renaissance

Exploring the thrills and challenges of the modern deli

Thursday May 19, 2011
7pm, Doors open at 6pm

Peter Levitt, Saul’s Restaurant and Deli, Berkeley
Noah Bernamoff, Mile End Deli, Brooklyn
Ken Gordon, Kenny & Zuke’s Deli, Portland
Evan Bloom, Wise Sons Deli SF pop-up

Moderator: Joan Nathan, Author of ten cookbooks including Jewish Cooking in America and Quiches, Kugels and Couscous: My Search for Jewish Cooking in France. She is a regular contributor to The New York Times Food Arts Magazine and Tablet Magazine.

At the:
JCC of the East Bay
(just around the corner)
1414 Walnut Street
Berkeley, CA 94709

Buy tickets

$10 in advance, $15 at the door

On the menu from Wise Sons:

House-baked Bialys and Smoked Fish, with chive cream cheese, red onion & capers. Sweet and sour pickles on the side 7 openfaced 10

Facebook event page

The beloved institution of Jewish delis continues to disappear.

But a few brave delis are breaking up canons of the dying model. Delis in this NY Times article by Julia Moskin: Can the Jewish Deli Be Reformed?

Saul’s Restaurant and Deli in Berkeley is convening these upstarts for a Deli Summit. Four very different models of renegade.

Saul’s owners Karen Adelman and Peter Levitt believe they and their colleagues will benefit from collaboration on a common language. In a culinary genre defined by rigid expectations (yet varied depending on customer), comparison and critique, these delis trailblazing the deli lexicon can gradually give each other points of reference and authority.

This is a restaurant concept being actively revived. What do these departures from the Deli Institution look like on the menu, the plate, in the dining room? What does it mean to thrive as a deli business?

This is what the Summit is for: to communicate the mechanics of survival and sustainability to Deli customers around the country, and to celebrate the unique challenges and thrills of running a Jewish Deli.

This is a follow-up to Saul’s Referendum on the Jewish Deli Menu. Now with the other Delis, Saul’s will talk nuts and bolts of their industry.

It’s a behind the scenes, chefs-in-the-trenches conversation open to the public.









A Greek Dinner in Honor of Sue Fishkoff’s Kosher Nation

Thursday April 7th 5pm onwards

See Sue in conversation with Deborah Newbrun, Hazon‘s Bay Area Director at JCC of the East Bay

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a La Carte

Spinach Soup

Baked Sole and Prunes and White Wine

Overnight Cheese and Greens Pie

Fennel and Orange Salad

Whole Artichokes

Baked Rice Pudding

Saturday March 19
Purim Dinner Party
FAIR. + Saul’s = Boozy Fair Trade Purim

Some treats on the menu:

Special Fair Trade Cocktails

The Marty Adler
by Danny Ronen, Oakland, CA
FAIR. Fair Trade Quinoa Vodka
Saul’s Celery Syrup
Fresh lime

Jackie Caucasian
by Danny Ronen, Oakland, CA
FAIR. Fair Trade Quinoa Vodka
FAIR. Fair Trade Cafe Liqueur
Organic half-and-half
Freshly grated spices

The Esther
by Shaher Misif, Cantina, SF, CA
FAIR. Fair Trade Goji Liqueur
Homegrown meyer lemons
Ginger beer

Green Pea Soup
with challah mandlen

with sauteed spinach and preserved meyer lemon

Kasha Knish
with crispy gribenes and asparagus salad


With special guest mixologist Dänny Ronen, 5:30-7:30 pm

You’ll also be able to mix with our housemade syrups, currently:

Blood Orange

He’ll also spin a special mix of French hip-hop music.

Costume contest – there are prizes to be won!

SF Beer Week Event

Tuesday Feb 15, 2010


Meet the Brewer: Trumer Brauerei, plus beer pairings with noshes

On the menu: Flight of three regional craft beers paired with three noshes – smoked herring, a potato knish and crispy gribenes and chickpeas.

Trumer Brauerei brewer Ryan Hirscht will be on-hand to help develop beer palates, talk about the flavors and fermentation of Trumer Pils, the science that informs Trumer’s special work, and how a 400 year old tradition, old-world style perfection, and state-of-the-art European technologies came to be right here in Berkeley.

Tues, Nov 30: Is Kosher, Kosher?

Congregation Sha’ar Zahav
16th St and Dolores St
San Francisco, CA

Saul’s own Karen Adelman will be a panelist for this discussion on Jewish responses to food justice issues.

Join us for this interactive program featuring a panel of local rabbis and activists, and group discussion over a kosher, ethically produced meal.

Topics will include:

What are our underlying ethics about food, and how can we best carry them out?

We’ll take a hard look at the strengths and weaknesses of traditional and modern interpretations and practices of kashrut, including important new initiatives aimed at uniting our dietary practices with food justice.

Come learn why when Karen and Chef-Co-Owner Peter Levitt took over the restaurant 15 years ago, they chose to source mostly sustainable, humanely raised meats rather than industrial or strictly Kosher meats.

Presented by Pursue in partnership with Hazon and Progressive Jewish Alliance. Co-sponsored by EcoJews of the Bay. For tickets and more details click here.

Tuesday November 16th

Saul’s Restaurant & Deli and Shmaltz Brewing Present

A Winter Dinner and Beer Pairing

4:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Join Saul’s Deli and Shmaltz Brewing Company, two of the Bay Area’s premier Jewish culture dealers, for a one-of-a-kind beer pairing experience. Enjoy seasonal, traditionally inspired dishes, developed specifically to complement (or contrast) the flavors of Shmaltz Brewing’s line of HE’BREW beers. Order A La Carte, or you may also choose Prix Fixe, which includes 3 beer and food pairings. A La Carte OR $32.00 Prix Fixe (3 courses and 3 half-pints) OR $38.00 Prix Fixe (3 course and 3 pints) Zak Davis from Shmaltz Brewing will also be on hand for part of the night to answer any questions. Invite friends via Facebook.


First course

Winter Salad
Arugula, Apple, Fuyu Persimmon, Walnuts and Goat Cheese
Paired with Rejewvenator
Half Doppelbock, Half Belgian Dubbel, brewed with Concord Grape Juice or

Smoked Herring and Salmon
Served with Genesis Ale Poached Potatoes
Paired with Genesis Ale

Second course

Spaetzle with Wild Mushrooms
Pairing TBD


Walt Stornetta Ranch Brown Ale Pot Roast
Tsimmis with Prunes, Carrots and Potatoes
Paired with Messiah Bold
Nut Brown Ale


Saul’s Reuben
served with potato salad
Paired with Lenny’s RIPA
Rye double IPA

Third course

Chocolate Raisin Bread Pudding
With an espresso cream
Paired with Jewbelation
Strong Ale…14 malts, 14 hops, 14%

Clarinets in the House: Phillip Greenlief and Cory Wright play Bartok

Live at Saul’s Wednesday November 10th 7pm

Phillip Greenlief and Cory Wright use Hungarian composer Bela Bartok’s 44 duos for violins as a springboard for their imaginative arrangements for two clarinets. The pieces are culled from Bartok’s transcriptions of folksongs from Eastern Europe (and beyond). Fans of Klezmer and Classical styles are sure to enjoy this rare musical treat.

Phillip’s Bio

“The Bay Area’s do-it-yourself ethos has produced a bevy of dazzlingly creative musicians, but few have put the philosophy to work as effectively as Phillip Greenlief”. – Andrew Gilbert, San Francisco Chronicle

“Phillip Greenlief is a reedman versatile enough to achieve anything except peace in Palestine” – Greg Burk, LA WEEKLY

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spice of Life Festival

See Co-Owner Peter Levitt
and Chef Jon Bradbury of Saul’s Restaurant and Deli

kibbitz and cook

with Chef MikeC and Oliver

At the Spice of Life Festival,

Sunday Oct 17

Right here on Shattuck between Rose and Virginia

Learn Saul’s recipes for hummus and muhammara

Chef Stage, 3:00 pm

For more details about Spice of Life
a full chef stage line-up
Freight & Salvage,
Berkeley Jazz School performers
Street Food & Pop-up producers
Participating local restaurants
Puppet show and eco-carnival games
and artists


September 30, 7-9 pm

Klezmer night at Saul’s

(extending the spirit of the Thursday Farmer’s Market into the late-summer night)

An informal gathering of:

Mike Perlmutter on clarinet and saxophones. Mike plays with Zoyres Eastern European Wild Ferment. In addition to being a prodigious band and dance leader, Mike is a pickle leader – one of the Bay Area’s most prolific picklers and fermentation teachers.

Dave Rosenfeld on violin, mandolin, shakers, small splash cymbal, and small baraban from Kugelplex and Octopretzel. Dave teaches Klezmer music classes at the world music school Zambaleta in San Francisco.

and others!

You might run into Peter Levitt, Executive Chef, at the Farmer’s Market earlier in the afternoon, buying peak of season produce by the case – and ask him how he’s shaping the night’s specials menu around what is at the market that day. He’s very eager to kibbitz about his plans for the menu. Actually, you probably won’t even have to ask.

Fair Trade Towns USA Celebration
Thursday September 23
4-5:30 pm

Berkeley is now the 19th Fair Trade Town in the US!
Join Fair Trade Berkeley and Buy Local Berkeley at Saul’s

What does it mean to Buy Local, Buy Principled?

Tickets here

Fair Trade cocktails
Numi Tea
Thanksgiving coffee


Mayor Bates
Paul Rice, CEO of Transfair USA
Billy Linstead-Goldsmith, National Coordinator, Fair Trade Towns
Kemi Amin Executive Director, Buy Local Berkeley

Saul’s Rosh Hashanah 2010: Adventures in the Honey Harvest

Talk and honey tasting
Sept 14, 2010 7-8:30pm
Tickets $5
here or at the door

What would the New Year be without honey and apples?

What would apples be without honeybees and keepers?

We’ll discuss:
Why honey is sweet and in more ways than one.
The nuances of honey: How taste, texture, color and season – wildflower, clover, star thistle – differs greatly.
Experiencing the diverse and constantly changing seasonal blooms of the Bay Area via honey.
Urban, raw beekeeping all over the Bay Area and how you can get some on a regular basis. Honey and/or beekeeping.
How you can help reverse the bee population decline.
Plus: Foraging patterns of bees – in your yard or mine? Hive design preferences- top bar vs. ________
Stories: Catching a swarm, lessons learned, pollination, culinary, love stories . . .

And more.

We’ll taste a variety of raw urban honeys, too.

Jennifer Radtke, Co-owner/worker of Biofuel Oasis, beekeeping instructor and purveyor of beekeeping supplies.
Helene Marshall of Marshall’s Farm Honey. Marshall’s brings raw honey from 80 urban locations around the Bay Area to market.
Peter Levitt, Co-owner of Saul’s Restaurant and Deli, backyard beekeeper.
Corey Block, Moderator, Urban Farm Coordinator at Treasure Island Job Corps

Referendum on The Deli Menu

Can a retro cuisine be part of the avant-garde?

**SOLD OUT** Here’s the video.

Don’t despair. Saul’s will be live-streaming the event at the restaurant, from the JCC. You can watch over dinner.

6:30 pm Tuesday, February 9
Registration/Will Call check-in from 5:30 on
Doors open at 6pm

Proceeds benefit The Center for Ecoliteracy

**Venue has been changed from Saul’s to the JCC of the East Bay just around the corner. To accommodate demand.**

JCC of the East Bay
1414 Walnut Street Berkeley, CA 94709


Michael Pollan, Journalist, Author: The Omnivore’s Dilemma, In Defense of Food

Gil Friend, CEO of Natural Logic, Author: The Truth About Green Business

Willow Rosenthal, Founder, City Slicker Farms

Karen Adelman, Co-Owner, Saul’s Restaurant and Deli

Peter Levitt, Co-Owner, Saul’s Restaurant and Deli

Moderator: Evan Kleiman, Host KCRW’s Good Food, Owner-Chef, Angeli Caffe

Can the Jewish Deli be sustainable? What does sustainability mean for the future of Deli cuisine and culture? Many expectations of “real” Deli conflict with sustainability and today’s economic realities. Even “authentic” cuisine can obstruct progress toward more just, sustainable food. How does a business committed to being part of the solution persuade traditionalist customers of the importance of change?

For example, towering pastrami sandwiches once signified success, security and abundance, an immigrant’s celebration of the American Dream. But given the realities of meat production in America today – 99% is factory farmed – how can we continue to stand by this as an icon? Even the factory farmed pastrami sandwich has become an unsustainable business model, because of its tiny profit margins. What culinary memories and flavors of The Deli have been provided by an industrial food system? How can we look at our nostalgia and expectations critically? How might we evolve a shared cuisine together? How can Saul’s bring more people into the conversation?